The drawing, painting and installation art is the more personnal result of the vision and the artistic, critical attitude of Luk van der Hallen. This activity is the driving force for visionary devellopment on the applied fields of design and theater.


art projects + installations

studio Luk van der Hallen

Luk van der Hallen researches fine art and design relations, contexts of meaning and form. Some 150 exhibitions, paintings, drawings, works on packagings and paper and art installations realised in public spaces and for private collections.

See also recent happenings and works:

-installation, Toegepast 2015

-’Mio Villaggio Caro’ 2012

-Gym series 2010

-Chocolate performance 2010

-Wunderkammer Project 2010

-Installation Altea, Genk (B) 2010

-Artworks and experiments 2009

-Mon Cherie series 2009

-Selection of sketches 2007

-Belle Ile drawings 2007

-The rain in persuit of the cloud, 2004

‘8-83’, Art Center Begijnhof, Hasselt (B), 1983

‘Voor Piet’, invited by Piet Stockmans

‘Kaspar’, in the former Colemine of Waterschei (B) 2001

Wunderkammer project, 2010, Genk (B)

Installation in private hospital Altea, 2010, Genk (B)

Chocolate cloud performance, Z33, 2010, Hasselt (B)

‘Mon Cherie’-series, works on chocolate wrappings, 2009

White Boxes project, Genk (B) 2009

‘Stone house’, Eisenerz, Austria, 2009

‘Mio Villaggio Caro’, artwork for the project ‘Leaving’, parallel to the Manifesta 2012

The Rain pesuing the Cloud, Maasmechelen (B) 2001-2004

Gold figures dialogueing, 2011

Paternoster (2), Maasmechelen (B) 2011

Wolk 1, Sint Truiden (B) 1999

Installation ‘One year’,  365 painted bread bags showing the quantity of food for one person in a year. Waregem (B) 1990

Consumption tombstone, Installation with packaging, Heusden (B) 1993

Machine becoming the pedestal for the cross with automatic sign system, Genk (B) 1998

Series of paintings on prepared paper (B) 1987

Head and circle, (aryl, canvas, tin) Tribute exhibition Jan Kenis, Rekem (B) 2005

The conversation, Paper, acryl,  pencil, chairs. 1989

Acryl on canvas, 1996

Installation, packaging, paint, wood


Acryl on canvas, 1998

‘Pig’, Acryl on canvas, 1985

Toegepast 2015

Installation about food issues: a critical vieuw on obesitas.

Multiple, ‘Paternoster’ 2011

3D-prints, research for the project ‘Bitter tastes’, 2014-ongoing

‘Black + Bitter’, chocolate art for the thematic exhibition by Labo, in C-Mine July-August 2017

The ‘intertextuality’ of an abstract art piece with an explicit one. July-August 2017

at Art Noctuurne, Knokke (B)