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Luk van der Hallen

Graduated from the Media & Design Academy, Genk, (B) (1979)

Specializing in museum and exhibitiondesign, public space and scenography. Researches trough fine art and and installations the art vs design relations, contexts of meaning and form.

Theatre concepts, scenography, music and performances, for Bock Workshop, an experimental musictheatre group (1979-82) Industrial Designer for the devellopment of several educational programs, designs, exhibitions, videos and workshops for the Cultural Department of the Province of Limburg (1982-84)

Founder and owner Art & Design/Studio Luk van der Hallen for the design, managing and realisation of artistic, theatrical and design concepts, installations and projects (1983-now). 

Industrial Designer/Manager of the ‘Bicycle Workshop’, an initiative of the Province of Limburg for the development of the touristic industry (1984-85).

Professor at the department of Product Design of the Media & Design Academy, Genk (B) (1985-now) Head of department of Product Design (2000-2010).

Professor at the Design Academy, Eindhoven, (NL) (1987-now) Basic design in metals (1987-2005), the departmentt of Food, later Essentials, then Well Being (1990-2004). Design projects for the department of Market (2004-now).

Visiting Professor at the Joanneum, Graz, Austria, department of Museum and Communicationdesign (2005-now).

IDEM-organisator (1987-now).

Member of several commissions, councils, panels and juries both national and international.

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studio Luk van der Hallen

‘creating is life’

Industrial designer, artist, theatre-maker, (4.12.1955)