Designing a new glass for the Brewery ‘De Kroon’, Neerijse (B).

Assisting the student’s project of Productdesign LUCA, Genk (B).

studio Luk van der Hallen

Nitto Experience Center (B).

Together with White Light, Genk and Buro-B, Genk (B) we make a concept for the architecture and design of this center of excellence for the world brand Nitto.

Still going on:

‘Bitter Tastes’,

a critical design project. 13 pieces of designed chocolate with a specific meaning..

Art +(plus) Design

(studio Luk van der Hallen)

creates surprising concepts and designs for museum and exhibition. Visuals, creative and poetic storytelling and experiences are our thing. The studio also envolves in art, theatre and critical design. We organise the international IDEM design workshops.





The studio is designing an electrical motorcycle and trike.


‘1000 Kraanvogels’

Literair Museum, Hasselt (B).

Japan and China in children’s books. The exhibition relates to the festivities of celebrating 25 years of Japanese garden in Hasselt.


Exhibition ‘ Black’ and ‘Back to the future’, C-Mine, Genk (B),  Juli 1st-August 30, 2017

Participation at Design Pavillion, curated by Johan Valcke, at the art fair Art Noctuurne, Knokke (B) 5-15 August 2017

IDEM 22 in 2017?

First talks are going on. Nothing decided yet.

Jan 23-27 2017, Luk van der Hallen workshop making the Japanese Andon lamp.

Jan 18 2017, Luk van der Hallen Juror art and design projects of Vocatio, Brussels

‘Prometeus’, reedition 2017 in 20 pieces as jewel in the original box.

‘Black + Bitter’,

A critical comment on cnsumption: a starving African in succulent black chocolate.. Designed as a complete product for the exhibition ‘Black’ at C-Mine, Genk (B).

‘Ruga’, a new vase was concepted after the project ‘Speak to me’ for the city of Heerlen (NL). A lyric  ‘spacer’ for flowers is added to enhance the dialogue between use and art.

In the foreground ‘Plus’, a chandelier.

‘Martin betrachtet’ Another addition to the project of the small gold figures, started in 2010. For my good friend martin Middelhauve, coorganiser of IDEMs and dean of the Faculty of Design FH Dortmund.


a new exhibition for

Villa Verbeelding, Hasselt, the new name of the Literature Museum (B). Poets and illustrators and their magic words and drawings.

‘Radio Connect’

The studio is to design  a new chapter about DAB-Radio, in the exhibition ‘100 years of Radio’, at the Radiohouse Leuven (B)

for the VRT (Flemish Radio and Television).

Apex, a witty chandelier, that can be put over an empty bottle. ‘The candle burned shorter, the bottle got empty. To have more light the solution is to put the object over the bottle’.